Google Penalty Recovery Checklist

Google penalty recovery can be a lengthy and not easy process, so when you're working on a new website, it's much better to avoid the penalty than to recover from it after your website has already been hit. Our Google Penalty Recovery Checklist covers the most common issues, both on-page and off-page, that can cause a Google penalty.

There are lots of Google penalty related questions and even myths circulating around the Web. How to tell if a website is penalized by Google? Is there a duplicate content Google penalty? What is thin content? How thin is really too thin for content – and is it just about the number of words on a web page? How many low quality backlinks are enough for a website to be penalized? Can ads be a cause of a penalty?

Our Google Penalty Recovery Checklist contains answers to these questions and some other ones. Furthermore, it contains some valuable quantitative estimates based on our own experience with real penalized websites throughout the course of 2017.

We're finalizing our PDF brochure and it will be available here very soon. If you are interested, check out this page again in a week or so!